Building customer acquisition systems that work.

Most businesses need new customers to grow, yet many are finding that traditional methods of customer acquisition are becoming less efficient and effective.

Often this is because there has been a shift in WHO is buying your products and services and WHAT those buyers look for in their due diligence and HOW they look for what you sell.

The Internet has changed how people buy, especially for businesses

A study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board found the B2B buyer can be 57% to 70% complete with their due diligence BEFORE they pick up the phone to call a business.

If your company isn’t visible during this process, what are the chances that buyer will call you?

A separate study found that in 63% of the cases, the company that was first to add value in the buying process was the one that got the call.

How is your company adding value for your buyers during their due diligence?

How we build customer acquisition systems

  • We work closely with you to understand who your buyer is and how they buy.
  • We perform research and competitive analysis to gather insight into your buyers’ journey.
  • We then map their expectations to what your company is providing to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Strategies to fill the gaps are developed and prioritized to fit your goals and budget.
  • We’ll provide the level of assistance you need with implementation, from working with your internal team to a fully delegated solution.
  • Analytics are used to measure progress and manage results.

The Internet is growing more complicated

This digram illustrates the complexity of today’s Internet and why it is important to have a guide to help your business identify and leverage the right strategies and tools to align with your buyers.  Going it alone can time consuming and costly.

Rewarding OKC Chamber Members

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Your chamber membership is an investment in furthering the growth of our community.  To say thank you, we want to reward OKC Chamber members.


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We are giving away up to 10 Digital Audits valued at $2,500 each.

What is a Digital Audit?

Think of a digital audit like an annual health check-up.  It is a point in time assessment, useful to confirm or reveal issues and address them on a preventative basis.  It can help you understand how your business is positioned online, what is working and where opportunities still exist.  A digital audit can help you see the full competitive picture while unlocking new growth opportunities.

How to Use a Digital Audit

  • Many WSI clients request digital audits before they begin the annual budget and strategic planning process.  Insight gained from the analysis allows for informed invest / disinvest decisions, minimizing guesswork.
  • Others opt to perform a digital audit whenever they are planning changes in strategic direction and want to define a roadmap to help them achieve the new strategy.
  • Then, some companies choose to use a digital audit much like a third party accounting firm that audits their books.  In this case, we may be hired to review and analyze internal or external efforts and provide counsel drawing upon our global footprint of work.

If your company is selected as a winner of the giveaway, we will customize the report to meet your needs.

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