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SignPlex in Albuquerque Hired WSI to Manage SEO

Posted by on May 21, 2018 in blog, SEO | 0 comments

  WSI has recently partnered with SignPlex to implement a digital marketing program. SignPlex is a full-service graphics design and printing company in Albuquerque offering signage, vehicle graphics, custom banners, wall & window graphics, business neon signs etc. SignPlex is a 3M and UL certified company offering tools to help businesses market their products and services. Visit their website for details. WSI Internet Marketing Program for SignPlex WSI built SignPlex a new search engine optimized website.The On-Page SEO has beencompleted, and the following pages have been optimized to grow their online visibility and prominence in search engines: https://www.signplex.com/our-services/business-branding-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/commercial-signs-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/directional-wayfinding-ada-signage-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/car-truck-and-vehicle-wraps-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/dimensional-lettering-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/wall-and-window-graphics-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/tradeshow-displays-graphics-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/custom-neon-sign-conversion-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/custom-car-decal-vinyl-wrap-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/custom-banner-maker-albuquerque/ https://www.signplex.com/our-services/custom-business-signs-albuquerque/ WSI will now begin with Off-page optimization which includes registering the company in various directories along with building quality backlinks. Monthly blog posting will also be done on various platforms including WordPress, Weebly, Blogger, Tumblrand Medium. Regular reporting will be done to track the website’s progress. The combined effect of the on-page and off-page optimization will help increase the company’s rankings & bring relevant traffic to the site. If you are looking for a reputable digital marketing company, visit WSI today! This post was originally posted at:...

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Family Owned RV Center Partners with WSI for Website Optimization

Posted by on May 7, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

Nohr’s RV Center, a family owned RV center in Tracy, California, recently partnered with WSI to increase traffic to their website.  Nohr’s is currently run by the third generation of the family that started the business in 1963.  They sell both new and used RVs in a variety of sizes, in addition to offering service and maintenance for RVs.   Nohr’s also buys used RV’s as well as taking them in on consignment. Owner Shanw Nohr has aggressive goals for growth over the next several years and WSI was brought in to optimize their website through keyword research and paid per click campaigns.    These strategies will improve their performance through Google organic search and Google paid search. The core focus of these campaigns will be: Motorhomes – http://www.nohrsrv.com/motorhomes-for-sale-tracy-livermore-santa-cruz-ca–xallinventory?vt=motorhome Teardrop Trailers – http://www.nohrsrv.com/teardrop-trailers-for-sale-tracy-livermore-santa-cruz-ca–xallinventory?vc=teardrop Travel Trailers – http://www.nohrsrv.com/travel-trailers-for-sale-tracy-livermore-santa-cruz-ca–xallinventory?ac=travel trailer|travel trailer – lite Fifth Wheels – http://www.nohrsrv.com/fifth-wheels-for-sale-tracy-livermore-santa-cruz-ca–xallinventory?vc=fifth wheel In addition to the onsite optimization, WSI has implemented an offsite digital marketing strategy as well.  This includes creating new blogs and unique content on WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Implementation is already well underway and is playing a significant role in moving current RV inventory. This post originally appeared:...

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Lighting Maintenance Services Company selects WSI for New Website and SEO

Posted by on May 4, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

PKK Lighting Inc., a Madison, WI lighting maintenance services company, has engaged WSI to help the company improve its’ online presence, its’ search engine results and grow the number of new leads and new customers via a new website and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiative. PKK Lighting has been installing and maintaining commercial lighting systems at businesses and organizations in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest since 1970.  PKK also sells light bulbs to companies and collects materials to be recycled, like light bulbs, TV’s, computers, and other electronics in order to keep them out of our local landfills. In June, 2017 WSI was engaged to begin the new website and the SEO project.  The mobile responsive website, https://www.pkklighting.com, built on the WordPress platform, was launched on November 1, 2017.  The website includes a blog to allow PKK Lighting to keep current and prospective customers up-to-date about trends in the rapidly changing industry.  PKK will share those blog posts on 3 public blogging sites, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, and Blogspot.com. For the SEO project, WSI started with keyword research to identify potential keywords with sufficient search activity and that are important to the company.  From there, WSI and PKK Lighting selected the 10 keywords we felt would be the most successful for driving organic visitors to the website. For each of the 10 keywords we added or optimized a page on the new website.  Each of the 10 optimized pages is designed to rank for the selected keywords.  The following pages and primary keywords are covered in this phase of the implementation: LED Lighting Installation Companies – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-lighting-installation-companies LED Commercial Light Fixtures – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-commercial-light-fixtures LED Parking Lot Pole Lights – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-parking-lot-pole-lights Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-parking-lot-pole-lights/parking-lot-pole-light-maintenance/ LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-commercial-outdoor-lighting LED Street Light Fixtures – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-street-light-fixtures LED Emergency Exit Lights – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/led-emergency-exit-lights Lighting Maintenance Services Company – https://www.pkklighting.com/lighting-services/lighting-maintenance-services-company Light Bulb Sales – https://www.pkklighting.com/led-bulb-sales/ Light Bulb Recycling – https://www.pkklighting.com/light-bulb-recycling/ The SEO keywords have been added into the comprehensive tracking program such that we can track the results of our SEO initiative. WSI will measure the inbound links to the website, the search engine rankings for the 10 SEO keywords, organic traffic to the 10 new SEO pages, and forms submitted from organic visitors. This post was originally published at https://www.wsippcseo.com/pkk-lighting-selects-wsi-seo-website/....

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AHS Rescue Hires WSI for SEO Campaign

Posted by on May 2, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

  When you are looking for a quality supplier of technical rescue equipment and training for high-angle, rope rescue or swift water applications, look no further than AHS Rescue.com. AHS Rescue, and its sister company, Arizona Hiking Shack, is a leading supplier to work at height professionals, search and rescue teams, and the avid mountaineering  sportsman. Because municipalities, government entities, rescue technicians and sports enthusiasts are in need of quality training and equipment that AHS Rescue provides, our firm was hired to improve the outreach and brand visibility for its online store. SEO Optimization Plan For this SEO project, the WSI team started with in depth keyword research to identify the highest potential keywords with sufficient search activity. From there, we  selected the 10 top keywords we felt would be the most successful for driving quality leads and sales to their website For each of the 10 keywords, we optimized a brand new page on the new website, as well as reorganized the website to improve the navigational structure.  The following pages and primary keywords are covered in this phase of the implementation. Equipment Pages: https://www.ahsrescue.com/fall-protection-harness-equipment.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/rope-access-equipment.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/rope-rescue-equipment.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/high-angle-rescue-equipment.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/confined-space-rescue-equipment.html   Training Pages https://www.ahsrescue.com/high-angle-rescue-training.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/rope-rescue-training.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/rope-access-training.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/rope-rescue-classes.html https://www.ahsrescue.com/fall-protection-training.html In Phase 2, after the optimization and web architecture was improved, quality link building, blogging, social posting, and analytics will support the effort to improve their visibility online. This off-page optimization will include syndicating new blogs on Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly and Blogger, as well Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.   With this activity, we expect great results for the store and their image!     This post originally appeared:...

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Commercial Concrete Pumping Company Retains WSI Connect for a Fifth Year of Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

The Conco Companies are one of the USA’s largest commercial concrete contractors, and holders of the Guinness World Book of Records record for the largest continuous concrete mat pour, on the Wilshire Grand in LA. WSI Connect is affiliated with the WSI Digital Marketing Network, one of the largest digital marketing networks in the world, with over 800 offices in 81 countries. Given the strength of our respective organizations, it is only fitting that WSI Connect and Conco have agreed to strengthen a mutually beneficial partnership that has dramatically improved Conco’s online presence and lead generation. Since Conco engaged WSI in 2013, traffic to their web site has increased by 185% and leads have increased by 10 fold. Over the next 12 months one of the primary focus areas will be Conco’s brand of cellular concrete called ConfoamTM.. This product is dramatically lighter than traditional concrete mixture because it has an agent in the mixture that expands creating bubbles in the finished product. The following SEO pages have been optimized to rank for keywords related to this new initiative.   https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/confoam/foam-concrete/ https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/confoam/lightweight-concrete-contractors/ https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/confoam/lightweight-concrete/ https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/confoam/cellular-concrete-contractors/ https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/confoam/ https://www.conconow.com/commercial-concrete-contractors/cellular-concrete-confoam/   In addition, Conco will be expanding its presence in the booming Portland Oregon market. WSI will be supporting this expansion with the content additions and optimizations below.   https://www.conconow.com/locations/commercial-concrete-contractors-portland/ https://www.conconow.com/locations/commercial-concrete-contractors-portland/structural-concrete-contractors-portland/ https://www.conconow.com/locations/commercial-concrete-contractors-portland/concrete-contractors-portland/concrete-forming-contractors-portland/   Conco and WSI Connect are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.   This blog was originally posted at: ...

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WalterFilm Engages WSI for SEO

Posted by on Apr 27, 2018 in blog | 0 comments

WalterFilm offers the finest selection of original vintage movie posters, movie star photos, lobby cards, movie scripts & rare books and Hollywood movie memorabilia.  Since 1982, Walter Reuben of WalterFilm, has collected and curated authentic movie posters and Hollywood movie memorabilia and rare books for avid collectors from his location in West Hollywood, California. Working in conjunction with our design partners, WalterFilm  has contracted WSI to implement a search engine optimization and paid advertising program to improve web visibility and boost sales. WSI’s initial SEO implementation covers a National SEO package and paid advertising for optimization of the main pages. A total website redesign was completed by our design partner to improve the site structure and foundational architecture as well as establish a new, more sophisticated brand and design. As part of the digital marketing plan, we are optimizing several pages of the website for the relevant and highly searched keywords. These keyword phrases align with several of the company’s primary product lines, including:   Original vintage film posters Original vintage movie posters Movie star photos for sale Movie lobby cards Movie scripts, rare books and collections Hollywood movie memorabilia   Our ongoing SEO project involves building backlinks through niche directory submissions, engagement in community forums, article syndication, and other strategies. We also created professional business profiles in WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and Tumblr that also serves as the external blogging platform for WalterFilm. As part of the ongoing monitoring and reporting process, WSI will analyze the progress being made with the key performance indicators (KPIs).  These KPIs include inbound links to the SEO pages, SERP rankings for the keywords, organic visitors to these pages, and conversions (contact forms, emails, and online purchases).  WSI will provide a monthly status report of the progress to the WalterFilm management.   Film Posters and Photographs of Hollywood movie stars have increased in value as discerning collectors have learned the lessons in preserving the history these items present.  The exceptional collection of original film posters, movie photographs and other items offered by WalterFilm is worth the time to review and contemplate for investment, enjoyment or just for a walk down memory lane. This blog post originally appeared at:...

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