Thank you for attending the webinar on How to Maximize Your Clicks and Conversions in Sales with Gunnar Hood and Mike Crandall.

In the webinar Gunnar talked about the concept of Conversion Rate Optimization and how making small tweaks to your website can help you improve your visitor’s experience and result in more leads and increased profitability.

Apply what you’ve learned about Conversion Rate Optimization

The 9 blocks shared were designed so you can apply them to your website, whether you manage it yourself or work with someone who can help you. You will find the slides from the presentation located lower on this page.

Or, get help from Gunnar and his team

Sometimes it can be difficult to be objective about something when you are too close to it. If you recognized that some or many of the blocks apply to your website but you aren’t quite sure what to do about them, we can help. Schedule a 90-minute website evaluation with us and unlock the full potential of your website.

We will use our expertise in conversion rate optimization to identify the conversion barriers, going beyond the 9 blocks we covered in the webinar and reviewing:

  • Your website’s first impression in terms of visual design and professionalism
  • Can your audience easily understand they are in the right place, feel good about it and know what to do next?
  • What trust elements are present and where are they placed?
  • Use of colors, fonts and graphics
  • Website layout, types of navigation and calls to action
  • Overall user experience

We conduct the review sessions via live web conference so we can easily share screens and make it easy for you to ask questions and answer our questions.  Each session is recorded and shared with you so you can replay as needed for yourself or your team as you work on implementing the best practices and recommendations specific to your website.

Get a deal on an expert review

Our expert website review is our most affordable review plan at an investment of only $997.  As mentioned in the webinar, there has never been a time when your website has been as important as it is right now.  To help business owners serious about improving their results, we are offering a limited number of expert website review sessions for only $149, complete with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You have nothing to lose and only profits to gain.  We can only offer this service at $149 to 20 business owners/leaders.  Once those have been claimed, the investment will go back to $997.  

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If you know what needs to be done and are comfortable doing it, then skip this offer and allow someone who needs the help to claim the opportunity.  You can grab a copy of the presentation slides below and get to work right away.

Download the slides

9 Blocks to Maximizing Website Clicks





Would you do us a favor though and tell us how your results have improved after you have made the changes?