Vision and online strategy drive business results

Working with Dr. Selina McGee and the entire Precision Vision Edmond team to help them grow their practice has been an amazing experience.  Dr. McGee is not only a highly accomplished optometric physician, she has a desire to help as many people as possible achieve a lifetime of clear vision.

Her personal experience in growing up with very low vision was her calling to become an optometrist, and it remains her passion for ensuring people receive the eye care needed to enjoy life to the fullest.  That ‘vision’ is what helped us identify the right strategies to create awareness for Precision Vision Edmond, connect with and attract future patients.

Beyond the business results we have been able to produce, we are most inspired by the patient reviews describing their experiences and how Precision Vision Edmond has changed their lives.  Here is one example:

Eyecon Dallas Attendees

If you are reading this page, you have likely heard Dr. McGee talk about the impact of digital marketing on her practice at Eyecon Dallas or in another venue.  It is possible that the experience Dr. McGee shared about online marketing is similar to your own experience.  In fact, we hope that it is.

If it isn’t and you would like to get a second opinion, we may be able to help.

Digital reviews:  the eye exam for your online presence.

Some of your patients may have perfect vision and there is little you have to do to help them maintain their eyesight outside of an annual exam.  For others, the course of treatment can range from minor correction to the need to coordinate care with specialists.

We find many similarities in digital marketing.  In some instances, a digital review confirms everything is performing and aligned with the goals of the practice.  In others, some adjustments may be needed to help improve performance.

If you aren’t certain if your online presence is optimized for 20/20 performance, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory consultation.

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