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This Session’s Perfect for Learning to Create Content Your Customers Won’t Ignore

Thursday, May 22, 2014 @ 10:00AM (CDT)

By now, most businesses understand why content marketing is so important. Without it, you can consider your online presence purposeless and invisible. A strong content marketing strategy gets you on the map (especially in light of Google’s new search algorithms) and ensures your prospects find you!

Oftentimes – and many of us in the industry know this first-hand – the most difficult part of any content marketing plan is actually getting started! Knowing where to begin, which prospects to target, how to get the team on task – these are all elements businesses of all sizes struggle with.

So on May 22nd WSI’s Free Digital Power Hour covers precisely that. Entitled “Essential Tactics for Creating Content Your Customers Won’t Ignore,” the webinar will explore:

  • The magnitude of your brand’s unique selling proposition
  • The secrets to identifying at least 3 to 5 buyer personas
  • The process for formulating a content strategy customized to each persona
  • Steps for finalizing a great content schedule!

Here are the full registration details:

If you have friends/colleagues who want to take their content marketing up a notch, please forward my mail to them so they can register as well.

And should you wish to discuss any aspect of your brand’s digital marketing strategy I am only a phone call or email away.


Gunnar Hood