Bearing Tree Land Surveying is an Oklahoma City based land and air surveying company.

Logo designed by WSI for Bearing Tree Land Surveying

Bearing Tree Land Surveying & Aerial Mapping selected WSI to update their brand image and redesign their website using the latest in technology.

Bearing Tree is an Oklahoma City based company providing quality land surveying services as well as cutting edge 3d scanning and aerial mapping to businesses locally and across the country.

Surveying plays a critical role in many industries, inclluding assessing site viability, evaluating real estate acquisition, and validating construction projects.  3d scanning using Lidar technology expands upon the traditional land surveying offering precision measurements in data files that can be reviewed from unlimited angles.   Applications for 3d scanning are almost limitless ranging from crime scene recording to manufacturing and processing facilities management to structural and engineering applications.

Digital Audit and Competitive Analysis

WSI worked with Bearing Tree Land Surveying to understand their business and the needs of their clients to develop the right strategy for a new website, starting with a digital audit and competitive analysis to inventory existing assets and assess online discoverability.   In addition to creating a blueprint for the website, WSI developed a strategy for on-page optimization that included keyword research and content development.

WSI also recommended a responsive website design which leverages the latest technology to automatically adapt to the visitors device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Brand Refresh and Logo Design

To reflect the range of expanded services, WSI also worked with Bearing Tree to develop a new brand logo.  Surveyors have used a bearing tree as a reference point for centuries, and the tree is a core element of the logo and captures the land-surveying element of their business.  The blue globe signifying both blue sky and their expanded reach represents the aerial survey.  Finally, the tag line “Quality Results from Every Angle” emphasizes Bearing Tree’s commitment to delivering unparralleled accuracy that stands the test of time.

About WSI

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