WSI has helped startup company WaterDog Adventure Gear initiate their online marketing program through an optimization initiative targeted at selling the company’s line of Dog Ladders.  WaterDog’s dog ladders are marketed primarily at Dog Boat Ladders for a variety of applications, including dog ladders for pontoon boats and duck boat dog ladders.  The products can also be used as Dog Dock Ladders and Dog Pool Ladders.  Finally, the company also markets folding dog steps that have applications for Dog Steps for Beds andDog Ramps for SUVS and trucks.

WaterDog has been selling products online for over a year and the products are experiencing great reviews, however a lack of visibility prevented the company from growing rapidly.  With this new SEO effort, site traffic has increased significantly and revenue is building as a result.  Initial results are encouraging as the site has ranked immediately for over half of the targeted search phrases.